Habitable Sheds

 Habitable – adjective – providing conditions that are good enough to live in

If you are after a barn house or flat pitched habitable shed, we have built all types over the years.

At Waikato Sheds we will be able to supply and construct the external shell of a habitable shed. The internal fitout can then be done by a builder or the owner themselves. The first step in doing a habitable shed is getting an initial plan drawn up by an architect or draftsperson. We can then price the external shell and a builder can confirm the fitout price for you. A initial price guide for a habitable shed with a concrete slab on good ground is $1000 per sqm.

If building your own custom shed house from NZ Steel sounds like you get in touch to book an appointment to discuss your plans either in person or over the phone.

Habitable shed projects


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